all kinds of info about your changing local climate

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As of December 2, 2019, LocalClimate.org organizes and originates info about climate change specific to 0002 local communities.

LocalClimate.org gives you all kinds of info about your City’s quickening relationship with climate change. Here, you can

understand your local climate forecast and how climate will impact you and your city.

keep track of how well your local leaders are acting on local climate solutions.

see how local people and local businesses are solving climate change.

…and know about lots of other things having to do with the climate, where you are.

Cities, with all their cars, buildings, houses, commerce, and industry… Cities have been heating the atmosphere to the point of impending cataclysm. No judgement. No blame. Towns and cities developed rapidly over the last couple centuries, fueled by the abundance and availability of things they could burn to make energy. People had no idea that the same stuff that grew modern life could eventually lead to the end of the world as we know it.

The science community’s big warnings. Timetable. People and places are just recently finding out about this. And now the pressure is on, for all humanity to quickly adhere to this seemingly impossible timetable.

As the locus of most human activity and carbon emissions, cities and towns are the main places to solve climate change. LocalClimate.org helps you be aware of what’s going on with the climate, locally, and what needs to be done, locally. And very importantly…

…for you to keep track of local progress on preparing for and solving climate change. You can look here to track of what people in your locality (and similar localities) are doing about the climate.