The climate is changing in your city

LocalClimate.org is about the changing climate where you live.

πŸ–πŸΌ Welcome! I’m Steven Scott and I’m creating LocalClimate .org. This is an early version of the site for curious possible supporters to see. I hope you’ll love the concept and content – enough to help scale this public service to more and more cities. Thanks! steven@localclimate.org

There’s so much you can learn about climate change – what it will be like and how it will impact your city.

Just how hot will your city get? With your support of local climate.org, you'll see here a good summary of your town's climate forecast.

Climate Forecast: Scientists can see how the climate is changing over geographic areas as exact as a small town. Most cities will experience dramatic seasonal changes and higher temperatures. You’ll want to know what the climate will be like, where you live, over your lifetime.

Climate Impacts: The changing climate will impact different cities in different ways. Almost all cities will experience some kind of climate difficulty; indeed many places already are. How will these impacts affect you where you live? You’ll probably want to know what to expect.

Learn how well your local electric company is switching from coal and gas to wind and solar.

Local Power Plants: Keep track of your local fire-belching gas and coal power plants (carbon monsters), and when they’ll finally go extinct. These beasts are a big reason why the atmosphere is heating up so quickly. Some cities will see their carbon monster(s) shut down during the 2020s. Others will burn carbon until the 2040s. When will your local carbon monster finally be quenched?

Local Energy Farms: LocalClimate .org keeps up with the new and proposed solar and wind farms sprouting up to replace your area’s local carbon monsters.

These are the folks in your town doing the most to prepare for and reduce climate change

What your city leaders are doing about the climate: At Local Climate.org, check on your city leaders (your mayor and city officials) who are working on local climate plans, policy, projects. See just how good a job your town is doing on cutting carbon and preparing for the new local climate. This is where your city government gets an informal grade, by local residents, on climate performance.

This is what students in your city are doing about the climate: Students

Citizen groups in your town

Local Politicians on Climate: Elected lawmakers from your city talk about climate and energy policy at all levels of government. Some politicians are making forward-thinking climate policy, while other are bickering about it. See Politicians in Sydney go biffo on climate policy

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The point of localizing climate change info is to get millions more people interested in the future of their cities and participating in their local energy transition. Lots of local energy transitions add up to humanity’s Great Energy Transition, which will keep the atmosphere from becoming toast.