LocalClimate looks at the global climate situation from your city’s perspective. Seeing climate in a local context makes this overwhelmingly depressing, nearly-impossible problem seem more relatable, interesting, and solvable.

Your city’s page on localclimate.org gives you a wide-ranging look at how your town’s climate is changing, the local impacts, and all the great things folks in your town are doing about it. People in your city government and all socio-economic sectors of your community. Your local climate page is produced and updated by excellent local students.

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🟫 Knoxville + Climate Change

It really is up to the cities, towns, villages, hamlets, hoods, burgs, counties, districts, and shires to do most of the heavy lifting in achieving the world’s mandatory prize of 0% emissions / 100% clean energy, within a narrowing sliver of time.

International and national responses often aren’t scaled as well as local places to move quickly on climate change. And it’s not just by default of these larger entities; local places are just better equipped logistically and managerially to do the things that need to be done locally – to make a successful local energy transition.

Right now is the best time to learn as much as possible about what’s going on with the climate and energy transition at your location. Like, what’s the forecast, who’s in charge of adaptations, who’s getting the word out, are milestones (2025, 2030, 2035… ) being met, what policies / programs / projects are working, who’s being innovative, are we getting enough charge stations, who’s got the city’s largest solar installation, who’s making notable progress, who needs a nudge, who needs help, etc.

The premise here is that a local place can move along its transition faster and better if many folks in the community care about and stay informed about these things.

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