The climate is changing in your city

LocalClimate.org is about the changing climate where you live.

There’s so much LOCAL stuff you can learn about climate change! You can find out what the climate will be like in your town over your lifetime. You can discover how the climate is already impacting your city, and know what to expect over the years. This is essential stuff everyone needs to know.

But also, in every city and town, local residents are solving climate change in myriad effective ways. LocalClimate.org focuses on the people in your city and their progress in switching to 100% to clean energy. Here you can know every thing there is to know about the climate and clean energy in your city, and other cities too.

Cities are where most carbon pollution comes from. So, cities are where to solve climate change.

πŸ–πŸΌ Welcome! I’m Steven and I’m creating LocalClimate.org. This pre-beta version of the site is for curious supporters to see. With your help this awesome new public service can be available to more cities, and your city. Reach out. I want to know what you think. πŸ˜‡ Thanks, steven@localclimate.org

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Steven Scott is a local of Las Vegas, originally from Chicago. His work with large and small town government makes him consider climate change a local concern. Steven studied urban & regional planning at the University of Oregon, and worked on energy efficiency projects at the City of Portland. He’s managed a scientific field station in remote eastern Oregon, and educated donors at the Center for Biological Diversity. Steven is interested in all the sciences, modular homes, and desert camping.

Just how hot will your city get? With your support of local climate.org, you'll see here a good summary of your town's climate forecast.

Your Local Climate Forecast: This is essential info that local residents need to know. Now, scientists have tools that can show how the climate is changing areas as small as a city neighborhood. Over the coming decades, most cities will experience dramatic seasonal changes and rising temperatures. This is essential for you to know. See,You can know what the climate will be like in Sacramento over your lifetime.”

Local Climate Impacts: The changing climate will impact different cities in different ways. Almost all cities will experience some kind of climate difficulty; indeed many places already are. How will these impacts affect you where you live? See, “You can even expect some biblical impacts.”

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Your Local Power Plant is an old dinosaur: Keep track of your local fire-breathing carbon monsters (gas & coal power plants), and when they’ll finally be extinguished. These beasts are a big reason why the atmosphere is heating up so quickly. Some cities will see their carbon monster(s) shut down during the 2020s. Others will burn carbon until the 2040s. See,When will your local carbon monster finally be quenched?

Local Energy Farms: LocalClimate .org keeps up with the new and proposed solar and wind farms sprouting up to replace your area’s local carbon monsters. Also, that huge solar array on top of your local sports arena is considered an “in-town” solar farm. Btw, who’s got your city’s largest solar rooftop? See, Current and Planned Solar & Wind Farms in Your Area.”

City leadership on the climate is key: Local Climate.org showcases your mayor and city officials working on local climate plans, policy, projects. See just how good a job your town is doing on cutting carbon and preparing for the new local climate. See, This is where your city government gets a friendly grade on climate performance by local residents.”

GoFundMe HERE because this lets you keep track of your electric company’s and City’s progress on local decarbonization.

Citizen climate orgs in your town are working diverse solutions to your local climate emergency. A local climate org may be a group of people who educate local politicians on climate and energy issues. Or, a local climate group is one that makes it their job to piece together big chunks of land for plant and animals to shift their range north. And, thankfully too, there are groups in towns and cities who focus on making city infrastructure resilient to all the things that could go wrong. See,All the great things LA’s climate orgs are doing.

Local climate activists in your city are very much aware they are the generation who’ll see the full saga of climate change play out. It’s the kids and teens and younger adults who’ve been able to “normalize” climate change in the popular conscious. These persistent younger people can instantly let the whole town know what’s up with corporate and local government carbon issues. See Mega-huge corporations cannot avoid LAs climate action community.

Local Politicians on Climate: Lawmakers from your city talk about climate and energy policy at all levels of government. Some talk, and some do. Some politicians are making forward-thinking climate and energy policy, while other are bickering about it. While LocalClimate is strictly apolitical, it does report the facts (with subtle humor at times) of what your locally-elected reps are saying and doing about climate change. SeePoliticians in Sydney go Biffo on Climate Change

Students at your local school or university are studying climate change. Your local K-12 system include climate change into the lesson plans of most subjects. And there’s a college or University researching climate in just about every city, including yours. Many of these have new curricula and degrees in new climate studies programs. There’s probably some interesting new climate research going on by brilliant scientists right there in your local area. See, “Climate education in Los Angeles from grade school to grad school.”

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Local status of electric vehicles and stations: Keep track of the rise of electric vehicles in your city until carbon-burning vehicles are all gone. Here you’ll find stats on evehicle registrations in your city, and which evehicle models are selling best in your area. Also here is the number of public and private evehicle charging stations installed in your city plus those slated for installation. Also you see your city’s growing number of electric school busses, electric garbage trucks. See,Is Your City Ready for the Roar of EMotorcycles?

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Because people want to know about local progress on the Great Energy Transition

The point of localizing climate change info is to get millions more people interested in the future of their cities and participating in their local energy transition. Lots of local energy transitions add up to humanity’s Great Energy Transition, which’ll keep us from toasting the atmosphere.