The climate is changing in your city

LocalClimate.org is about the changing climate in the city or town where you live.

There’s so much you can learn about your town’s relationship with climate change. You can find out what the climate will be like in your town over your lifetime. You can discover how the climate is already impacting your city, and know what to expect over the years. This is stuff everyone needs to know.

The great news about the climate is happening in most cities and towns. Local officials and residents are solving climate change in many effective ways. LocalClimate.org focuses on your city’s progress switching to 100% to clean energy. Here you can know every thing there is to know about the climate and the clean energy transition in your city, and other cities too.

The point of localizing climate change info is to get millions more people interested in the future of their cities and participating in their local energy transition. Lots of local energy transitions add up to humanity’s Great Energy Transition, which’ll keep us from toasting the atmosphere.

LocalClimate.org wants to get the word out about the climate emergency in more and more cities. Stay informed about your town’s progress on the Great Energy Transition.