LocalClimate.org is a non-profit, non-political project centered on the climate communication platform, LocalClimate.org.

LocalClimate.org is about the changing climate where you live.

LocalClimate.org communicates about everyone’s local climate change situation and local energy transition. Each city has a dedicated “city climate page” on LocalClimate.org. (for example, Knoxville or Atlanta) Here, you can find current, comprehensive info about your town’s relationship with climate change, and current progress on the Great Energy Transition.

Mission: To quicken the Global Energy Transition – by getting millions more folks & their decision makers interested & participating in their hundreds of Local Energy Transitions.

The Premise(s): Seeing the global climate situation from one’s local perspective… a) makes climate change more relatable. b) shows how local climate solutions are do-able right now and effective. c) inspires a push for political will.

Main Tasks: a) Communicate essential, current info on each city’s climate changes and impacts. b) Produce continuous, engaging coverage of all the people in town who are driving their local energy transition forward – like local residents, local businesses, city leaders, local and state politicians, local climate orgs, local schools, local universities, local faith groups and local activists c) Serve as an intelligence multiplier and local chronicler of each city’s Great Local Energy Transition.

Current Project Status

LocalClimate.org is one person [Steve here] as of June 2022. I’ve pieced together a pre-beta localclimate.org site as a rudimentary proof-of-concept.

I’m reaching out to local high school instructors who’d like to supervise an impactful one or two semester class project for select students. The goal is to have several student “city editor teams” making great content for their city’s climate page by October 1, 2022. Tech-wise, for the site to be useful, LocalClimate.org needs one or more Wikimedia web developers to convert the current WordPress site into a robust wiki that can handle dozens of students simultaneously editing their city climate pages.

LocalClimate.org founder Steven Scott was a planner at City of Las Vegas, Nevada, and worked on energy efficiency programs at City of Portland, Oregon. Steven has an M.A. in Urban & Regional Planning and M.S. in Public Affairs from University of Oregon. He’s into birds, sustainable architecture, and the magnificent deserts of the U.S. Southwest. steven@localclimate.org and @localclimateorg