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Cities are where most carbon emissions come from. So, cities are the main places to solve climate change.

πŸ–πŸΌ Welcome! I’m Steven Scott and I’m creating LocalClimate .org. This is a very early version right now, but I hope you’ll love the concept and content. I feel strongly that people in all cities should be able to know as much as possible about their local climate changes and local energy transition. Please become a founding supporter of this great project with a small gift of $10. Because people can get really motivated about the climate when they see it from their local perspective. Thanks, steven@localclimate.org


What exactly is LocalClimate.org?

Local Energy Transition: At LocalClimate .org, you’ll see what your town’s residents are doing make a quick transition from carbon fuels to clean energy. These folks are looking toward the 2030s, when carbon emissions must be pretty much over.

Here’s how LocalClimate.org got thought up, and what’s next

I was curious. During a recent too-hot summer, I wondered, “If it’s this hot now, what will it be like here in 20 or 30 years? So I googled, “What’s the climate going to be like in Los Angeles in the future?” Well, one search led to hundreds more, and I found myself saving all kinds of interesting online things about climate change in Los Angeles. At first this research was for my own curiosity. Then I realized there’s got to be plenty of other folks (geeks like me, at least) who’d want to know more about climate change in their cities. Then, it dawned on me that if most cities had a This site is way of presenting comprehensive info about a city’s changing climate. You’ll find it interesting and even essential.

As of July 2021 LocalClimate.org includes 4 cities. Take a quick look at these example cities. Imagine having this variety of current climate change info for your city. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Everyone’s got to be included: The goal here is for people in any town, city, suburb, borough, neighborhood, village to know about the changing climate where they live.

People in 1,000s more cities need to have good, current info about their local climate change situation. Its a big project and there’s so much to do!

✌🏻 The next step is to gather early support for me, creator of this amazing project. Please help with a small gift of $10. Because when I quite my day job and work 100% on growing LocalClimate.org.


Local Students will research, write and edit LocalClimate.org

Who’s best qualified to present their city with good quality c . See ——-


LocalClimate.org needs help to become a great wiki

As a wiki, millions of people in thousands of towns can have current, localized climate change info – created by local students for their local communities. See ——-