Climate Change in Charleston SC

🤓 Concerned citizens of the Holy City (Charleston, SC) make this city climate page. See Local Climate Writers Guide.

This page is about the changing climate and energy transition in Charleston

1.0 How climate change will impact Charleston

2.0 Charleston city leaders + the climate

3.0 Climate organizations in Charleston

4.0 Students in Charleston are leading the way!

5.0 Charleston politicians + the climate

6.0 Charleston’s local energy transition

7.0 Charleston’s faith community + climate

1.0 How climate change is impacting Charleston


Charleston is in South Carolina’s “Low Country,” a luscious region of wetlands, marshy islands, and creeks. The Low Country has long been prone to flooding from rain and ocean tides.

Now the warming climate is making things even more challenging. The warmer atmosphere is causing the ocean to rise, which makes underground water saturate the land. Charleston, already a very wet place, will be getting even more moisture from above as rain, from the coast as the sea rises, and from below as salty groundwater.





2.0 Charleston city leaders + the climate

Mayor of Charleston

City of Charleston Climate Action Plan

City of Charleston decarbonization project

City of Charleston adaptation project

3.0 Students in Charleston leading the way on climate

College of Charleston

Charleston Southern University

4.0 Climate organizations in Charleston

Sunrise Movement Leaders

Citizens Climate Lobby

5.0 Charleston politicians + the climate



6.0 Progress on Charleston’s local energy transition

Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Charleston’s local Carbon Monster

Clean energy farms serving Charleston

7.0 Charleston’s faith community + climate change

Interfaith Power & Light

United Methodist Church