Climate Change in Ventura County

This page is a “stub” ready for you in Ventura County to flesh out

This page is about the changing climate and energy transition in Ventura County

1.0 How the Climate will Impact Ventura County

2.0 Climate Leadership in Ventura County

3.0 Climate Orgs in Ventura County

4.0 Politicians from Ventura County on the Climate

1.0 Ventura County’s climate won’t bake like further inland, but expect longer summer with more heatwaves

Look at the ten-fold increase in extremely hot days each summer. In the 2070s, previously mild Ventura will experience several heatwaves each summer. Despite the Pacific Ocean’s moderating effect, some locations in coastal Ventura County will often experience summertime temperatures over 100.˚

Note: “extremely” means “statistically extreme” for a particular location. For example, 85˚ would be extreme for Nome, Alaska, and 125˚would be extreme in Tucson, Arizona.

Scientists: Cal-Adapt (Geospatial Innovation Facility, University of California, Berkeley).  Method: CalAdapt Data Visualization Tool for Projections of  Extreme Heat under High Emissions Scenario 8.5 (Growing Pace / Business as Usual scenario) where Emissions continue to rise strongly through 2050 and plateau around 2100), and Low Emissions Scenario 4.5 (Quickly Reduced / Carbon Mitigation scenario) where emissions peak around 2040, then decline.)  Data: LOCA Downscaled Climate Projections (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Gridded Historical Observed Meteorological and Hydrological Data (University of Colorado, Boulder). 

2.0 Climate groups in Ventura County are active, attracting volunteers, and making good progress

2.1 Ventura County Citizen’s Climate Lobby

The most effective way to do reduce carbon in the atmosphere, per economists, is to tax carbon. Ventura Citizen’s Climate Lobby is laser-focused on … … and check for dates and times.

2.2 350 Ventura County Climate Hub

Ventura County Climate Hub (an affiliate of 350) partners with Ventura Citizens’ Climate Lobby on…