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This page is about LA’s climate activists and their recent successes digging out entrenched carbon interests. Mega-huge corporations cannot avoid LA’s climate action community.

1. Sunrise Movement LA mobilizes direct action.

2. LA’s local climate movement goes on climate strikes.

3. Climate Extinction LA gets media attention.

1. Sunrise Movement LA mobilizes direct enthusiasm

Sunrise Movement LA organizes youth and young adults into “hubs” of climate awareness. Some hubs are entire high schools, colleges, and universities that can self-activate in big numbers when a mass public appearance is good strategery .

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2. LA’s climate strikers wants corporate and government action – right now.

Climate Strikes in Los Angeles are mass rallies made up of Los Angeles 712th grade students and local climate action groups. Climate Strikes are the worldwide expansion of 16-year old Greta Thunberg’s one-person protests every Friday in her hometown during 2018. LA’s November 2019 Climate Strike event featured Thunberg at City Hall speaking to thousands of very serious youth activists.

Colorfully dressed students with placards take over a downtown LA street shouting slogans and demanding climate justice for their doomed generation

Young people in LA want oil wells and oily politicians out. They’re upset with City officials who let oil companies drill for oil in LA neighborhoods.

A big goal of Climate Strikes everywhere is to oust politicians who don’t move to quickly phase out carbon fuels. Thousands of LA’s youth activists and their friends became old enough to vote in the 2020 U.S. and local elections, and even more can vote in the 2022 elections.

3. Climate Extinction LA gets instant press coverage. They’re so awesome.

In September 2019, Climate Extinction protestors forced Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard to close down. LA Police at the scene deemed it a peaceful protest, arrested no one, but said the group didn’t have a permit. They did get live air-time on the evening news.πŸ‘»

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