Climate in LA / Local Electric Buildings

This page is about how people in Los Angeles are solving the climate situation with energy self-sufficient buildings.

The biggest and best way to make climate change far less bad is to have buildings that make their own electricity.

1.0 Local Energy Solutions: Buildings

1.1 LA School District’s 1,100 schools to be 100% decarbonized.

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1.0 Local Energy Solutions: Buildings

Large school districts have capital improvement budgets that can be prioritized to make their energy cost start to go way, way down. Ongoing affordability of electricity is best accomplished with on-site solar electricity.

1.1 LA’s 1,170 schools are on track to go 100% electric by 2040. Logistically, this is like going to Mars.

An aerial view of a high school parking lot where all the cars are shaded from the sun by solar carports. photo

The Los Angeles Unified School Board announced in December 2019 it’s commitment to switch 100% of the huge district’s energy needs to clean energy by 2040. LA Unified has over 1,000 schools serving 600,000 K-12 students) LA Unified is already committed to reducing 20 percent of energy consumption by 2024 and has implemented a number of energy-saving measures, including the Lighting Retrofit Program at 100 schools, and energy efficiency upgrade projects at 21 schools.

In 2020, the LA school district has 105 schools and sprawling parking lots covered with solar-paneled parking structures. These onsite solar power plants make enough electricity to satisfy most of these buildings’ electricity needs. Energy-wise, the amount of solar electricity  generated at these school campuses is enough to power over 24,000 average-size homes. Climate-wise, each year, the solar panels keep 175,000 tons of climate-damaging carbon from the atmosphere.

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