Climate in LA / Local Electric Vehicles

This page is about how people in Los Angeles are solving the climate situation with carbon-free local energy.

The biggest and best way to make climate change less bad is to ride around in vehicles powered by electricity (made from energy sources that do not heat the atmosphere).

1.0 Local Energy Solutions: Vehicles

1.1 The Number of Electric Vehicles in LA

1.2 The Top-Selling Plug-In Vehicles in LA

1.3 The Number of Vehicles Charge Stations in LA

1.1 Now in Los Angeles, you can buy an Electric Motorcycle!

1.0 Local Energy Solutions: Vehicles

In Los Angeles, cars, suvs, trucks, busses, and motorcycles are the City’s biggest spewers of climate-damaging carbon. Manufacturers are beginning to produce electric vehicles, and a small percentage of vehicle-purchasers are starting to buy them. Electric charging stations –the analogue of traditional gas stations – are starting to appear in select places in LA. Eventually, these charging stations will get all their electricity from solar arrays and wind farms. Eventually, all vehicles will be electric. When these things happen, a huge chunk of LA’s climate responsibility will be fulfilled.

Problem is, with the 2030s soon upon us, eventually is not fast enough. The 2030s are when most carbon emissions should already have been drastically reduced, to prevent damage to the climate and the human species. What can people in LA do to quicken the adoption of electric vehicles?

1.1 The Number of Electric Vehicles in LA

Sales of all makes & models of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) in California totalled 104,250 vehicles sold in 2019. That’s almost 5% of all vehicles sold in California during 2019.

1.2 The Top Selling Plug-in Vehicles in LA

Top selling plug-in EVs in Los Angeles:

2019 Top Selling Plug-in Electric Vehicle in LA: Tesla Model 3

A view from above the Tesla Model 3 where you can see the whole top of the car is made of solar glass.

Next best sellers (in order): Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, BMW 3i, Chevy Volt, Hyundai Kona

1.3 Number of Vehicle Charge Stations in Los Angeles

More charge stations are coming: As of October 2019, there were 175 EV charge stations within Los Angeles city limits – all available to the public.  By way of the LA Green New Deal, 500 more charging stations will be installed by 2025. Also the ownership of electric vehicles in the city will increase from 3% in 2020 to 25% by 2025; 80% by 2035; and 100% by 2050. To help this along, the City of Los Angeles offers rebates for electric vehicles chargers and used electric vehicles.

1.4 Electric Motorcycles have arrived in Los Angeles. They’re excellent and fun, and spew absolutely nothing.

A motorcyclist leans into a curve in the highway.

Electric motorcycles are here. At $30,000 per bike, Harley Davidson’s 2020 LiveWire electric motorcycle is currently not your most affordable way to solve climate change. Economies of scale will make the LiveWire affordable if people buy and like this new sport motorcycle. LiveWire takes about an hour to charge (with a public charger) – for a powerful, silent ride of 140 city miles. In 2020, Harley is set to deliver 160 electric motorcycles to seven Los Angeles area dealerships. Harley has been working to increase the number of charging stations available in Los Angeles and across the country.

A casual early consensus of older Harley riders is that they love the acceleration (0 to 60 in 3 seconds) and handling, but aren’t thrilled about the machine’s near-silence.

Car photo: This is the 2020 Tesla Model 3. Each year, one all-electric plug-in car can prevent up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide from heating the atmosphere.

Motorcycle photo: “Harley-Davidson’s new LiveWire electric motorcycle is seriously sporty, shockingly fast and whisper-quiet – everything a typical Harley isn’t.”  –

Industry report: California Green Vehicle Report Q3, 2019, California New Car Dealers Assn.

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