Climate in LA / Local Students

This page is about climate and energy education in Los Angeles, from grade school through grad school.

1.0 Universities in LA look at local climates.

1.1 UCLA Center for Climate Science studies local climate projections.

1.2 UCLA is offering an undergrad degree in Climate Science.

2.0 LA kids are learning about climate and energy.

2.1 LA high schools train students how to calculate energy.

2.2 Schools’ (K-12+) timely info about local climate learning goes here.

1. Universities in LA are researching local climate

In LA, university students are working alongside seasoned climate scientists to see ahead what the atmosphere has in store for local places. Here’s what’s going on in climate at LA colleges and universities:

1.1 UCLA Center for Climate Science studies local climate projections and impacts.

students in business attire outside an office building jumping for joy with big smiling faces. photo
Students walking outside the Climate Science building at UCLA on a calm sunny morning. photo

Scientists at UCLA’s Center for Climate Science are making climate change projections for local places. The Center produces two ongoing comprehensive planning studies that inform dozens of cities and entities in the LA Region: Climate Change in the Los Angeles Region and the Los Angeles Regional Climate Assessment. The Center works on critical, actionable projects, like it’s study of Los Angeles County’s electric grid and how it functions under extreme heat.

University site:

1.2 Now, UCLA is offering an undergrad degree in Climate Science.

Until 2018, climate research at a university was the domain of graduate / post-graduate study. β€‹ Now, at UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (AOS), a freshman can decide to major in Climate Science and get started working in a climate-related field. Students in this program become experts in climate adaptation planning and they learn how to work with leadership. Here’s the curriculum:

List of core and elected courses in climate science. graphic.

photos top: UCLA climate students after giving their climate change research to the California Governor. left to right: a newly minted B.S. of UCLA’s Climate Science program, a UCLA climate science student out in the field, a UCLA oceanic carbon research project, a UCLA candidates for the Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award

University site:  

University site: |

2. LA kids are learning about climate and energy.

LA’s local schools – from K-12 – are growing centers of climate learning and activity. These kids will soon be the adults who deal with ever-worsening climate impacts.

2.1 LA high schools train students how to calculate a building’s energy usage.

A high school student in a bright yellow hard hat on the roof of her school using a device to measure the the energy usage of the building. photo.

LA high schools have a one-year Energy Auditor Training Program gets seniors nationally certified for the Building Analyst profession. Students show building managers how to cut energy costs and carbon emissions. Building analysts also help property owners know how to upgrade their facilities for the LA’s lengthening heat season.

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