Climate in Sacramento / Local Politicians

This page is about how Sacramento’s local officials are supporting the climate at City Council, in the California State House, and at the U.S. Capitol.

What do Sacramento reps say about climate and clean energy? Do they support clean energy legislation?

1.0 Sacramento Politicians on Climate

1.1 Mayor Darrell Steinberg gets it about climate.

1.2 Local Doris Matsui makes U.S. climate policy.

1.0 Sacramento Politicians talk and act on Climate

1.1 Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg understands the “here and now” of climate.

A family selfie portrait of a smiling dad wearing a business shirt with his smiling wife and teenage son and daughter.

Photo: Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and his family take a selfie at their energy-efficient Sacramento home.

Some people say, ‘Climate change, it’s an existential crisis,’ as if 30 or 40 years from now we’re going to have to worry about it. It’s not an existential crisis. It’s a state of emergency right now in 2019.” – Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg speaking at the Sacramento’s Climate Strike in September 2019

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1.2 Doris Matsui wrote (and won) the recent U.S. Clean and Efficient Cars Act.

An Asian-American older woman in front of a microphone giving a commencement address.

Longtime local Doris Matsui (D CA 6th) represents Sacramento in the U.S. Congress. Matsui chairs the Congress’s Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition and authored the Clean and Efficient Cars Act (2019), which keeps the wayward U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from lowering car fuel-efficiency standards. Current standards have automakers improving gas mileage and reducing auto exhaust. Short of having only an electric vehicle, better gas mileage is the next best way for drivers to reduce their damage to the atmosphere.

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