Climate in Sacramento / Local Students

This page is about climate and energy education in Sacramento, from grade school to grad school.

1.0 Climate at School in Sacramento

1.1 Sacramento Youth Climate Summit

1.2 Sacramento State’s Local Climate Summit

1.0 Climate at School in Sacramento

1.1 Sacramento Youth Climate Summit

Logo of the Sacramento Youth Climate Summit. Graphic Art.

Sacramento City Unified School District held its first annual Youth Climate Summit. The October 2019 Summit for teachers and students centered around how to develop a climate curriculum. One big meme coming out of the summit was that climate should be taught not just in science class, but in all applicable areas like social studies, English, and math.

School district site:

1.2 Sacramento State held its first local climate summit.

Logo of Sacramento State University. Graphic Art.

Students at California State University (Sacramento campus) held their first annual day-long program of speakers and workshops. Students from other local Universities and colleges participated. The April 2019 Local Climate Summit had public discussions about ways local college campuses can reduce their carbon spew. Attendees also got to check out Sacramento’s 3D-printed electric shuttle busses.

University site:

Educators: Local schools – from K-12 to University – are growing hubs of climate activity. encourages educators to put here timely info about local climate education. –

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