Coachella Valley, California, USA – Climate Organizations

This page is about local groups of people (non-profit orgs) who help the Valley reduce carbon emissions and adapt to the warming climate.

1.0 Climate Orgs in the Coachella Valley

1.1 The Desert Mountains have smart Friends.

1.2 Extinction Rebellion is educating local people.

1.3 Climate Orgs can put news and event info here.

1. Climate Orgs in Coachella Valley

1.1 Friends of the Desert Mountains preserves refuge habitat for plants and animals.

Six smartly dressed people, five women and one man, pose in the twilight with desert mountain in the background. Photo.

Friends of Desert Mountains: Sendy HernΓ‘ndez Orellana, Jennifer Prado, Debra Sutley, Colin Barrows, Tammy Martin, and Venessa Becerra

As the local climate changes, many local plant and animal species will find themselves trapped in unlivable locations. Habitat that is still viable may be out of reach because the trending climate is moving faster than a species can relocate, and vast swaths of human-occupied land block these species’ movement.

Colorful wildflowers blooming in the desert during a pink early morning dawn. Photo.

The Palm Desert-based group Friends of the Desert Mountains started buying land in 1987 to preserve a wildlife movement corridor between two mountain ranges at the west end of Coachella Valley. The connection gives wildlife the ability to move away from climate-damaged habitat, to higher-elevation places that might offer a survivable climate.

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1.2 Extinction Rebellion educates Coachellans on the changing climate

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of a climate activist group. Artwork.

Extinction Rebellion takes nonviolent direct action against local governments. “We urge residents to demand local political leaders take action now on climate change,” says local activist Dori Smith. Extinction Rebellion groups appeared in the Coachella Valley in 2016, and a year later in the nearby town of Joshua Tree, California.

Joshua Tree’s extinction group held an education event in November 2019, “Heading for Extinction, and what to do about it,” at the Giant Rock Coffee House. People were briefed on the far-reaching, all-encompassing scope of the Climate Emergency.

Also in November 2019, Coachella Valley extinction rebels held a picnic-education event, β€œConfronting Climate Change for our Children, Our Communities & Our Future” at Coachella Veterans Memorial Park.

Local media:

Local radio: “Extinction Rebellion meeting in Joshua Tree tonight” Nov 21, 2019, Z107.7 FM