Coachella Valley, California, USA – Transition Progress

This page is about how people in the Coachella Valley are starting to solve the climate situation – with carbon-free local energy.

1.0 Local Energy Solutions in Coachella: Vehicles

1.1 Current numbers on charge stations in Coachella Valley

2.0 Local Energy Solutions in Coachella: Buildings

2.1 Palm Springs Porsche dealership runs 100% on solar.

2.2 Palm Springs’ convention center runs 59% on solar.

1. Local Energy Solutions in Coachella: Vehicles

1.1 Forty-seven (47) is the current count of charge stations in Greater Palm Springs.

A clean-cut man at an orange-colored electric charging station. He's operating it from a handheld pad.

As of December 2019, there are 47 electric vehicle charging stations throughout Greater Palm Springs. 39 of these charge stations are available to the public. Private electric stations are mainly inside the gates of golf resorts. Average cost to fully charge a Tesla Model 3 in Palm Springs is $18. Average time for a full charge: 14 minutes. Another 12 charging stations are slated for installation across the Valley in 2020.

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2. Local Energy Solutions in Coachella: Buildings

2.1 Porsche’s new Palm Springs dealership is 100% powered by the sun.

The Porsche dealership in Palm Springs looks like a sleek spaceship just landing in the a desert sunset. Photo.

The new (2019) Porsche dealership in Palm Springs pulls so much energy from its solar rooftop that it supplies all the facility’s energy needs (including auto shop) and charges up it’s new all-electric vehicles.

An electric sports car looks aerodynamic while speeding down a desert highway. Photo.

The new facility has fast charging portals where owners of the new 2020 Porsche Tayan EV can charge 62 miles of range in just four minutes. Porsche’s new solar-powered dealership is expected to keep 1,677 tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

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2.2 Palm Springs Convention Center is going easier on the atmosphere.

Solar electric panels mirror the setting sun in a lush Palm Springs setting. Photo.

In 2018, the Palm Springs Convention Center got covered with solar panels. The new system is providing the center with 59% of its electricity. By foregoing gas-generated electricity, each year the Convention Center keeps 390 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Palm Springs is also solarizing it’s downtown parking structure, its city parks, a community center, an animal shelter, and a fire station.

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