Don’t Despair

It’s easy to feel lost in climate despair. Support because there’s a lot of local hope!

In cities and towns everywhere, things look grim about the climate.

The grave impacts of climate on cities are mounting as we speak. Many towns will feel oppressively hot several months of the year. Some places will become unlivable and abandoned. Some cities will become permanently flooded. Many cities will struggle to get water. And toasted farmlands mean less food for millions of people in cities.

Oh, and billions of animals will burn up in ecosystems near some cities.


it’s becoming more of a thing these days

But don’t despair.

Cities are also where people are doing remarkable things, big and small, acting against climate change. People in your town are well started on reducing local carbon emissions to zero.

Look at and you’ll see tons of SOLUTIONS and great people, right there in your community.

Like, your town’s biggest solar rooftop, your local solar farm’s giant batteries, smart local leadership, effective City projects, active local students, local EV charge stations, enlightened local politicians, climate research at your local university, effective local climate orgs, and much more.

All of us can solve this world-size emergency locally. Channel your climate despair into support for

Hello, my name is Steven and I used to suffer from climate despair. But then I started making and I’m channeling my angst into doing something positive and useful. There’s lots of great stuff going on in cities about the climate. So please become a founder’s supporter with a gift of just $10 because can eliminate people’s climate despair in cities near you.

πŸ’» Or, you could channel your despair by writing a page about your city on Please, reach out and tell me what you think. Steven Scott