Getting Beyond Despair

It’s natural for anyone to ruminate on the climate situation. The grave impacts of climate on cities and town are mounting as we speak. Formerly mild-climate cities are starting to get oppressively hot for weeks at a time. Wildfires burn small towns and large subdivisions to the ground. Cities on the coast are about to become permanently flooded, while other cities will struggle to find enough water. And dry- roasted farmlands mean less food for millions of city-dwellers. There’s a lot of grief, but somehow, please, don’t despair.

Cities and towns are where people are doing remarkable things, big and small, acting against climate change. People in your town have already started reducing local carbon emissions, and planning for climate resilience.

Look at and you’ll see an uplifting amount of great work being done by local school students, local elected officials, local businesses, local universities, local justice groups, local climate orgs, local faith groups, local electric utilities, and more. In one or more of these already active local communities, you can find a place to make an impact on the climate situation.

Using despair as a superpower, you can best help solve this world-size emergency locally.