Looking for a wiki developer πŸ€“

July 2021 – What you see here is a concept version of LocalClimate.org. The tech challenge for the tech-newbie founder is that LocalClimate .org must be a big awesome wiki for it to work. The site needs a great wiki developer to get the site set up on a MediaWiki platform. For free. I know, right?

Why Wiki for LocalClimate.org? Well, because it’s awesome. Unlimited numbers of people can write and edit on this site at the same time… when it becomes a wiki. And the wiki site structure and content management system is a natural solution for organizing climate change information geographically, then by topic. Each city will have several topical wiki pages. With thousands of city climate wiki pages, on LocalClimate.org, citations and references must easy to keep accurate, and a wiki platform is the gold standard for this.

Thousands of cities and towns will have a variety of climate-topic wiki pages on LocalClimate .org, written and discovered by local residents (and everybody). One big user group will be students grades 9 thru grad school. Students can choose to use the LocalClimate .org wiki as a resource, or to create multimedia content.

πŸ€“ The big friendly goal of this wiki is to get many millions more people interested and involved in their local energy transition.

Please Help. Developing a wiki is beyond this right-brained founder’s current technical ability.* Who will wikify LocalClimate .org for free (for now)? Would climate-concerned wikipedia writers want to take a hack at it? Because its about the future of life on this world. πŸ–πŸΌ steven@localclimate .org

* Getting a big wiki up and functioning will be a steep learning curve for this site’s currently (June 2021) solo creator. I wanted to try tho. I downloaded MediaWiki, got on SiteGround, fiddled with the perfectly aesthetic control panels and watched a video on getting started making a true Wiki site. I immediately realized I needed professional help getting this site up and functional on a robust MediaWiki platform for universal use.