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This page is about what LA elected officials are saying and doing about the climate.

1.0 LA city councilors talking about climate

1.1 LA City Councilor Nury Martinez

1.2 LA City Councilor Paul Koretz

2.0 Los Angeles politician in Sacramento

2.1 State Senator Kevin DeLeon

2.2 State Assemblyperson Laura Friedman

3.0 Los Angeles politicians in Washington DC

3.1 U.S. Congressperson Karen Bass

1. Los Angeles city councilors talking about climate

1.1 LA City Councilor Nury Martinez says climate solutions are about neighborhoods

Nuri Martinez

“The path to a clean energy future begins and ends in our frontline communities. It’s our communities that have the solutions and commitment to protect the environment. Neighborhoods like Pacoima, South LA, and Wilmington, will be the places where solutions will come from, where solutions will be implemented, and where residents will see the immediate benefit.” (see Climate in Los Angeles – Solutions) – Martinez’s Feb 29, 2019 comments about LA’s gas power plant closures.

photo: Nury Martinez (D) president of the Los Angeles City Council (LA neighborhoods: Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, Sun Valley, Panorama City, Arleta, North Hollywood, North Hills East)

Neighborhood Newspaper: LA Sentinel. LA Councilwoman Nury Martinez Introduces Landmark Motion Calling for a Green New Deal in the City of Los Angeles by Sentinel News Service, Feb 19, 2019. Sentinel.net/councilwoman-nury-martinez-introduces-landmark-motion-calling-for-a-green-new-deal-in-the-city-of-los-angeles.html

1.2 LA city councilor Paul Koretz is LA’s long-time climate guy.

a bespectacled middle-age man in a suit and tie speaking formally at a podium on the capitol steps. photo.

β€œClimate change isn’t happening off in some unknown future, it is happening here, it’s happening now, it’s happening to us, to real people, in real time, and we must do absolutely everything in our power to stop it while we still can.”  β€“ Koretz’s May 14, 2016 statement on city council approval of his “80% by 2050” goal.

photo: Paul Koretz (D), Los Angeles City Council (LA neighborhoods: Bel Air/Beverly Crest, Greater Wilshire, Mar Vista, Pico, Westside, Westwood) ​

Politician’s site: CouncilmemberPaulKoretz.com/policies/climate-change

Neighborhood site: ghnnc.org/2016/05/city-council-approves-80-by-2050-climate-target/

2. Los Angeles representatives to Sacramento

2.1 State Senator Kevin DeLeon wrote and won California’s clean energy law.

a man in suit and tie speaking with news reporters at a convention hall. photo.

California took a huge leap in August 2018, with bicameral approval of The California Clean Energy Bill [AB 100].  State Senator Kevin de Leon authored and promoted bill. The core mandate of California’s new energy policy is to wean the state’s 48,000,000 people off carbon-fueled electricity as quickly as possible:

60% of electricity sold by power companies must be generated from carbon-free sources by 2030, and 100% of electricity sold by power companies must be generated from carbon-free sources by 2045.

California currently gets 32% of its electricity from carbon-free sources. DeLeon’s clean energy law was opposed by most of California’s big electricity producers. It was popular with 77% of California residents.

photo: Kevin de Leon (D) Los Angeles, California Senate (LA neighborhoods: Chinatown, Koreatown, Larchmont, Little Armenia, Little Tokyo, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake)

Major newspaper: sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article217397360.html 

News source: axios.com/ernest-moniz-california-new-clean-energy-bill-c5cc50f3-bc07-4a11-9d97-37cb7cf5b013.html

​Photos: Kevin de Leon, the National Clean Energy Summit

2.2 California legislator Laura Friedman makes energy affordable.

a woman in glasses and business jacket makes an important point before her colleagues in the state assembly

Laura Friedman pushed a bill through the California legislature, making residential solar permits more affordable.

With advancements in renewable energy sources, we’re reducing our dependence on fossil fuels every day, but we have to improve accessibility for consumers.”  Friedman’s May 30, 2017 statement on California’s approval of her energy policy AB 1414. 

In Oct 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Friedman’s bill that requires state’s huge transportation agency, Caltrans, to makes plans for reducing carbon emissions.

photo: Laura Friedman (D) Los Angeles, California State Assembly (LA neighborhoods: Hollywood Hills, East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village) ​

Politician’s site: a43.asmdc.org/press-releases/asm-friedmans-clean-energy-bills-pass-assembly

Photos: Los Angeles Daily News; Assembly Democratic Caucus

3. Los Angeles representatives to Washington DC

3.1 U.S. Congressperson Karen Bass. Exactly!

a smiling woman in business attire and a microphone looking over at someone in the audience who made a funny remark. photo.

Backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement is forfeiting our international leadership by adding our country’s name to the two-country list of Nicaragua and Syria as those that have declined to be a part of this landmark deal.”   Bass’s June 1, 2017 statement on the U.S. President’s withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

photo: Karen Bass (D) CA, U.S. House (LA neighborhoods: South LA, Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Miracle Mile, Century City, and West LA)

Politician’s site: bass.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/rep-bass-rips-president-trump-s-withdrawal-paris-climate-agreement

Photo: The Liberal OC