Sacramento, California, USA – Climate Orgs

This page is about local groups of people helping Sacramento reduce carbon emissions and adapt to the warming climate.

1.0 Climate Orgs in Sacramento

1.1 Climate Readiness Collaborators get Sac-area cities ready for climate.

2.0 Sacramento’s youth climate activists want carbonized politicians out.

2.1 Fridays for Future Sacramento are the original climate strikers.

2.2 Sacramento Climate Coalition protects the city from a carbon train.

2.3 350 Sacramento broadcasts a local climate radio show.

1.0 Climate Orgs in Sacramento

1.1 Sacramento’s “Capitol Region Climate Readiness Collaborative” gets cities ready for climate.

A woman at a meeting making a point to other people sitting at her table. Photo.

The Capitol Region Climate Readiness Collaborative works on climate adaptation in the 6-county Sacramento Area. The collaborative is a membership network of local and regional agencies, businesses, and associations. It’s members work across jurisdictions to coordinate their adaptation efforts.

Org site:

2. Sacramento’s youth climate activists want carbonized politicians out.

Sacramento has a local group representing each of the big climate action orgs. Climate action groups in Sacramento are currently focused on ousting elected officials who refuse to act quickly to end carbon emissions.

2.1 “Spineless!” This Sacramento middle-schooler called out politicians in front of thousands of angry students.

A 13 year old girl outside speaking to a crowd of young climate protesters. Screen capture from local television news.
Poster announcing the date of the next local Climate Strike. Graphic.

At the annual school-kids’ Climate Strike in September 2019, middle-school student Supriya Patel asked state and local politicians, “Will you speak up and protect your constituents, or will you choose to be spineless, bowing down to corporate interests and being scolded by a 13-year-old girl?” Patel founded the Sacramento chapter of Fridays for Future.

Local broadcast news:

2.2 If the Sacramento Climate Coalition can stop a monster train, what other amazing things can it do?

Logo of the Sacramento Climate Coalition. Graphic Art.

Sacramento Climate Coalition got its start leading the successful 2014 fight against a 100-railcar train that would have been rolling through Sacramento each day with sand tar and fracked oil. Now, in 2020, the Coalition is pressing for local policies that reduce climate impacts on Sacramento’s disadvantaged communities.

Org site:

2.3 Sacramento’s group is now on local radio.

Logo for the local three fifty dot org climate group. Graphic Art.

Sacramento’s local climate action group produces it’s radio show, “The Climate Report,” on KUBU 96.5 FM. (Wednesdays at noon and Thursdays at 5pm) Neighboring communities Elk Grove and Placer each have their own groups.

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2.4 Climate orgs’ news and events go here.

Local climate orgs: You can put your org’s events and news here. Local climate orgs are strikers, communicators, coalitions, and collaborators, etc.