Sacramento, California, USA – Transition Progress

This page is about how people in Sacramento are solving the climate situation with carbon-free local energy.

Because the biggest and best way to make climate change far less bad is to energize things with electricity. Made from stuff that does not heat the atmosphere.

1.0 Local Energy Solutions in Sacramento: Buildings

1.1 Kings Arena has the most powerful solar roof in Sacramento.

2.0 Local Energy Solutions in Sacramento: Vehicles

2.1 Here’s the latest news on electric vehicles in Sacramento.

1. Local Energy Solutions in Sacramento: Buildings

1.1 This is the biggest solar rooftop in Sacramento.

An aerial view of Golden One Center, where the Sacramento Kings play. The rooftop is a vast geometric pattern of dark blue solar panels. Photo.

Sacramento’s basketball team is showing how a sports franchise can take a chunk out of its hometown’s carbon emissions. The Sacramento Kings’ solar rooftop makes enough electricity to power 100% of the arena’s energy needs. This is equivalent to about 600 average-size homes. The rooftop solar farm, along with the venue’s Platinum-rated energy efficiency, keeps 4 tons of carbon from heating the climate each day.

β€œWe believe sports teams have the responsibility to drive meaningful change in their communities. Our hope is that basketball fans, Sacramento businesses, and communities around the world will be inspired by this.

– Vivek RanadivΓ©, owner and chairman of the Sacramento Kings

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2. Local Energy Solutions in Sacramento: Electric Vehicles

2.1 Here’s the latest news on electric vehicles in Sacramento.

A busy-looking woman fueling her car with electricity at a fast-charge station. Photo.

Sacramento school kids have been riding around in 3 brand new electric busses since 2018. Sacramento’s suburbs have over 17 electric school busses buzzing around.

Electric charging station company EVgo installed 6 public-use charge stations across Sacramento in 2020. The newer generation technology of vehicle chargers gives drivers a range of 240-miles from a battery charge that takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Volkswagen is building and operating a network of 75 vehicles chargers throughout Sacramento. The charge stations will be available to the public by mid-2021. Volkswagen is confident that many of those vehicles will be the car company’s newest line-up (2020) of electric vehicles, which includse a sedan, a crossover, a hatchback, and the 360 horsepower “Buzz” retro microbus.

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