Sydney, Australia – Climate Politicians

This page is about Sydney’s elected officials going biffo on Climate Change. Yes, biffo.

1.0 Clover Moore, Lord Mayor, Sydney

2.0 Gladys Berejiklian, Premier, New South Wales

2.1 Jordan Shanks, YouTube influencer

3.0 John Barilaro, Deputy Premier, New South Wales

4.0 Zalli Steggall, Sydney Native, Member of Parliament

5.0 Kerryn Phelps, Sydney City Councilor

Photo of Sydney citizen Kerryn Phelps, was a member of the Sydney Council from 2017 – 2018. She is a pop-culture physician popular throughout Australia.

1.0 Sydney‘s Mayor Moore says cities must do their bit on climate despite state & federal hostility

A woman looking pensive and worried. photo

“We still have many politicians and levels of government in Australia still denying climate change, so it’s a fairly hostile environment for action. I’m not the only mayor who’s having terrible problems with state and federal government simply not doing what needs to be done.”

Clover Moore Lord Mayor of Sydney, talking about climate solutions in cities, at a Climate Mayors Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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“Angus Taylor is the minister responsible for addressing global warming, and he has failed. Cities around the world are doing their bit to address global warming; it’s our national governments that are failing us.”

Clover Moore Lord Mayor of Sydney, Dec 2019

A square-jawed man look serious and unpleased.

“In most countries it isn’t ­acceptable to pursue emission ­reduction policies that add to the cost of living, destroy jobs, reduce incomes and impede growth. The same is true in Australia.”

Angus Taylor, Energy Minister of Australia, Dec 2019

National Newspaper: The Guardian / Australian Associated Press. Sydney lord mayor says climate change is the issue, not New Year’s Eve fireworks. 30 Dec 2019. The

NGO conference video: “C40 Stories: Lord Mayor Clover Moore of Sydney, Australia”

National Newspaper: The Australian. We should be proud of our climate change efforts editorial by Angus Taylor 31 Dec 2019

Photos: The Daily Telegraph (Taylor); Sky News (Moore)

2.0 Now, “Gladys the Koala Killer” accepts climate change – but admits no link to monster bushfires.

A woman responding gleefully to a reporter at a press conference

Gladys Berejiklian has been Premier of New South Wales (NSW) since 2017.

Soon after her election, Berejiklian ordered NSW’s already dry bushlands to be drained of water so that it could be piped to thirsty farmlands. Over the millennia, this small reserve of water had been enough to keep the bushland moist enough to prevent out-of-control fires.

At the same time, Premier Berejiklian cut funding from first responders who fight rural bushfires. Hindsight on the 2019 mega-bushfires shows how the Premier’s decisions put the bushland at high risk of catastrophic firestorms.

Berejiklian told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2019, “Climate change is a reality and we have accepted that as a government.” But as of 2021, she has yet to initiate a climate action plan for NSW.

2.1 Aussie YouTube comedian / influencer calls out New South Wales Premier as “Koala Killer”

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A white T-shirt with a picture of a woman and the hashtag Koala Killer. photo

Popular YouTube comedian Jordan Shanks, aka friendlyjordies, is tagging NSW Premier Berejiklian a “Koala Killer” for refusing to acknowledge that the mega bushfires of 20192020 were caused by the changing climate. Friendlyjordies is fundraising for fire recovery thru the sale of his Koala Killer T-shirts.

Metro Newspaper: The Canberra Times. NSW fire inquiry to look at climate change by Heather McNabb, Jan 30 2020.

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YouTube Channel: friendlyjordies. Koala extinction: why it’s happening by Jordan Shanks, Dec 1, 2019.

3.0 You want to talk about climate change? You’re a bloody disgrace!

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“It is an absolute disgrace to be talking about climate change while we have lost lives and assets. For any bloody greenie or lefty out there who wants to talk about climate change [during the mega-bushfires], they are a bloody disgrace.’’

John Barilaro, Deputy Premier of New South Wales, November 2019

Metro Newspaper: The Sydney Morning Herald. Deputy Premier says climate change talk amid fire crisis a ‘disgrace‘ by Alexandra Smith and David Crowe, November 11, 2019

4. Steggall goes for the gold with Australia’s (possibly) first-ever Climate Plan.

Sydney native Olympic gold-medalist Zali Steggall marks a possible shift in Australia’s polarized politics of climate change. The new member of Parliament from Sydney (May 2019) is proposing legislation that would align her country with energy transition goals of most other nations…  to achieve zero net emissions by 2050.

The National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation (Climate Change Bill) would be modelled on the national climate frameworks of similar industrial nations. Under the plan, Australia would make 5-year plans for reducing its carbon spew, and for making the nation more resilient to inevitable changes in the climate.

Steggall, an Independent Member of Parliament hopes her legislation will unite members from both sides of parliament around climate policy. Asking MPs for their buy-in, she says,

“Now is the time for a rational approach to climate change…It is time to take the party politics out of climate policy. It is a matter of principle that we should all be committed to a safer future.”

Parliament will vote Seggall’s proposal for a Climate Change Bill up or down on March 23, 2020.

Industry News: RenewEconomy. Independent Zali Steggall eyes end of ‘climate wars’ with zero carbon bill by Michael Mazengarb, 10 February 2020.

5. Sydney City Councillor sees action on climate change as a local responsibility.

A distinguished-looking woman with white hair has a big smile. photo

“In the absence of climate change action by the national government it really is falling to the cities to do even more” – Kerryn Phelps, Sydney City Councillor, 2019

“We can stop fiddling around with talking about new coal mines because no one wants to fund them … government policy needs to establish a foundation for business to invest in renewables for our future and to protect our environment. That is something the Australian people are saying they want.” – Kerryn Phelps, Sydney City Councillor, 2019

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