Write about your city’s climate πŸ€—

1. Create great climate change content about your city

2. Local students create LocalClimate.org

1. Create great climate change content about your city.

[these notes are for curious possible writers and editors of localclimate.org]

The climate is changing in every city, town, village, borough, neighborhood, hamlet, county, township, shire, burg, and suburb.

You can help everyone in your city understand the local climate situation

by communicating everything there is to know about climate change having to do with your city

so folks in your city can see climate change from a local perspective

2. Local students create LocalClimate.org

You’ll be creating well-researched, well-presented local content about climate change and the energy transition going on in your town. People in your community need to know what’s ahead locally with the changing climate. You’ll be interpreting local climate projections – made by scientists – into plain-enough language. You’ll make content about local impacts from climate change, and report on progress with city resilience. You’ll enjoy chronicling folks in your town working on local energy solutions.

Each city or metro are has a local wiki editor, regular writers, and contributing writers. Work together with others in-town as a self-organizing collegial team. You can research, create multimedia content, and represent you town’s climate change situation to the public, who’ll check LocalClimate wiki during the 2020s and 2030s.

Students: You or someone else who’s smart can write about climate change in your city here at localclimate.org. Learners 9th grade through university who communicate well in any media should participate.

This is an impactful project that promises fun and challenge for those who participate. Say hello πŸ––πŸ½ ask q’s πŸ€” and tell me what you think. steven@localclimate.org